How to Become a Nurse

Nurses are often seen in old movies as girls in short, white uniform and wearing a cute little hat on top of their head. Today, nurses wear more up to date attire while they attend to the needs of their patients. Regardless of what a nurse wears, it is a profession that is greatly needed. In order to become of nurse, a person must take several steps.

A registered nurse, or RN, normally is employed in hospitals, schools, emergency rooms, a doctor’s office or a health clinic. Before an individual pursues a nursing degree, they should make sure they are knowledgeable in math and science. Individuals should concentrate on subjects such as chemistry, biology, algebra and calculus. Many community colleges offer a pre-nursing program, and an individual might be able to start taking classes as early as their junior year in high school.

They should then enroll in a college and try to uphold at least a 3.0 grade point average. People can enroll obtain a two-year associate’s degree, or they can obtain a four-year nursing degree. Obtaining a four-year degree allows a person to have access to more employment opportunities. Online nursing schools are a great option for those who need flexibility in their college class schedules. While in college, prospective nurses should enroll in at least two years of a foreign language, three years of math, three years of science and four years of English.

After receiving an undergraduate degree, individuals should apply to a nursing program. There are certain types of entrance requirement for different nursing schools; therefore, a person should find out what type of test that they would need to take. Many nursing schools require that an individual take the SAT or ACT test.

After completing nursing school, individuals will need to pass the NCLEX exam. They will then officially be a registered nurse and can apply for a job. Before applying for a job, individuals should make sure they have a quality resume available. Therefore, it is wise to seek the assistance of a resume service. Some states require continuing education in order to keep a nursing license.

Becoming a nurse is a great opportunity to take care of sick or injured individuals. It is a career that can affect the lives of individuals; therefore, individuals who wish to become nurses should take the proper steps, and then they can have a successful career.